Minimalism: Letting Go of the ‘Shoulds’

Like everyone else with a Netflix subscription, I’ve watched the Minimalism documentary. Whilst I’ve always been something of a neat freak, I also liked to have ‘options’ – something to wear for any occasion, the bits and bobs required for any activity I felt like doing.

I rationalised that if there was something I liked, more must be better. Right?


We live in a 1940’s character cottage with jarrah floors, high ceilings and a beautifully updated interior. It has only two bedrooms and part of my desire in approaching minimalism was to ensure that it won’t be our stuff that pushes us out of that house – I love it, and at this point, I can’t imagine ever wanting to leave. Since coming across minimalism, I’ve done some fairly ruthless decluttering, letting go of clothing, books, memorabilia, kitchen gear, makeup and so many of the random bits of detritus that seemed to collect around my home and in my office desk. As well as feeling as though our little house has more breathing room, I made some surprising discoveries.

1. It’s addictive!

Letting go is challenging at first, but it becomes easier very quickly. I’ve had regular purges before, but it’s always been letting go of stuff in order to buy newer versions. Now I’m actively trying to downsize the amount of things I own. I find myself wanting to let go of more and more and have had to actually force myself not to discard too much too fast! I used some of this energy to jump into helping my best friend declutter her house in preparation for her first baby. She was thrilled with the results and it allowed me to indulge my evangelical side as I waffled on about all the benefits of embracing minimalism!

2. I can breathe.

Our little house feels lighter and airier with less items in it. Somehow even knowing that there are fewer items in the drawers and cupboards makes me feel calmer and more relaxed. I’m not great at sitting still, but I’ve found myself more able to sit on the couch and read for a few hours rather than endlessly tidying up. Which leads me to…

3. Cleaning is a breeze!

Cleaning has become so much less of a source of stress. Being a neat freak, I do get anxious when things are messy – it makes me feel out of control. I find that even when it feels like stuff s EVERYWHERE these days, there’s actually not a lot of it and ten minutes usually does the trick. I’m cleaning less than I ever have in my life and whilst the house isn’t spotless, it’s relatively easy to do a bit here and there – with less stuff, it doesn’t pile up in the same way. And without cleaning as much…

4. I have more TIME!

It leaves time, energy and space for what actually matters to me. Time with loved ones, reading books, walking outside, yoga practice, cooking – all have benefited from not feeling as rushed.

5. It’s led me down the rabbit hole…

A couple of months ago, I said to my partner that I was feeling bored and needed a new project. I tossed a few ideas around but didn’t really latch onto something. Then, over the last few weeks I’ve found myself unexpectedly submerged in a brand new field of interest – namely sustainability and the world of zero waste. I feel that I stumbled across this as an indirect result of minimalism and for the first time in a while, I feel that fire of enthusiasm for something that I can really get my teeth into. No, I won’t be going zero waste, but I am making some changes and plan to write about them soon.

6. Minimalism isn’t just about STUFF!

This has been the most challenging thing to get my head around. Minimalism is about having less, but it’s also about doing less. I feel like letting go of stuff has also been letting go of the ‘shoulds.’ All the things I think I ought to be doing and actually either don’t want to do, or can’t do. I’m prone to over-scheduling, desperately filling every waking hour with commitments to try and be as productive as possible. Consequently, not only do I run around like a headless chook, I frequently feel quite anxious – and paradoxically, I don’t necessarily get a lot done! Since beginning this journey, I’ve let go of at least one calendar commitment that was causing me stress and am working on more of a ’tilting’ idea with my exercise – developing areas of focus for periods of time, rather than trying to do it all at once and feeling guilty when I failed. I also feel like I can say no to social commitments that I’d rather avoid. My fear of missing out has lessened and I’m good with easing off on some of the the pressure I’d created for myself.

So where to with minimalism?

We’re definitely not done. There are still areas at home that need attention (namely the spare room and the shed) but I don’t make those decisions by myself, so it’s going to be a gradual process. I’m hoping that by also being more intentional about anything I choose to bring into my life that I can maintain this sense of calm and create a peaceful atmosphere that feels welcoming and allows for time and attention to be paid to what’s really important. I can’t see myself wanting to step back from this now, but I also know that much of the desire for ‘more, more, more’ or ‘just in case’ has been heavily programmed and will take some time to let go of. And there will undoubtedly be stumbles on that road. That’s fine and I will continue to enjoy the process and to assist those around me who might be keen to go down a similar path.

It’s truly freeing to realise that we don’t need as much as we once thought and to understand that owning less can mean having more.




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Five Youtube Channels I’m Addicted To!

Image result for youtube

I’ve only recently become a fan of YouTube. I know, I know I’m about five years late to the party…but over the summer I spent a lot of time diving into the world of vlogs and tutorials. After the holidays ended, life got crazy and I don’t have a whole lot of time to spend on Youtube, but when I want to wind down, these are my top five picks for a mental pick-up and a bit of inspiration (or mindless entertainment – whatever floats your boat!)

1.The Anna Edit.

The Anna Edit

Anna Newton is my #1 favourite YouTube girl. I found her through her Capsule Wardrobe videos but have become obsessed with her casual, chatty style and her mix of fashion, beauty and health content. She is refreshingly real and although her online career is obviously developing well, she seems to have both feet firmly planted on the ground. Her ongoing obsession with Dominos pizza(which she ate at her wedding!) and RuPaul’s Drag Race keep it real and she’s just a really fun person to follow. The photographs on her blog are also beautiful, which certainly helps!

2. Sarah’s Day

Sarahs Day

Sarah Stevenson is a fellow Australian, but that’s where the similarities end. She is a workout and health guru with the body of an angel but a refreshingly up-front attitude and an addiction to fruit and nut mix. She recently released an ebook, which I haven’t purchased but may check out some time in the future. Sarah’s Vlogs are casual and friendly and she is queen of the constant fitness ‘comebacks’ – though anyone looking at her would wonder what on earth she has to come back from! That said, she has been very raw and honest about her various health and hormone issues and she by no means to be as perfect as she looks!

3. Lydia Elise Millen

Lydia Elise Millen

If you’re after real and relatable, then step AWAY from this girl! Although she’s as sweet and friendly as they come, one could be forgiven for thinking that Lydia and her fiancé Ali are characters in some Disney movie – impossibly photogenic and always smiling! Lydia’s career seems to have taken off in a big way since I started following her and she is constantly travelling with high-end brands, so don’t watch her videos unless you can handle a serious dose of lifestyle envy! Ali and Lydia also have an adorable Bengal cat called Lumi who makes frequent appearances in her videos – to be honest, it’s worth checking out Lydia’s channel just for Lumi!

4. Use Less

Use Less

Signe is another Capsule Wardrobe guru, this time hailing from Denmark. She combines minimalist fashion with broader discussions around sustainability and has some great videos about how to style staple items in different ways as well as how to repair items easily and the occasional beauty post. Both her channel and her blog are very true to the minimalist aesthetic and she is a great place to start if you’re interested in heading down that road.

5. Sugar Mamma

Sugar Mamma

Canna Campbell is a bit different from the other channels I follow – although she too posts videos about minimalism and capsule wardrobes (sensing a theme here?) she is actually a financial advisor and posts a lot of videos about budgeting, saving and investment. I admit that most of her videos that I watch ate what you might call her more ‘fluffy’ content, she certainly seems to know her stuff regarding personal finance and I certainly plan to go back and watch more of those videos in the future.

So those are my top five Youtube channels to follow, however for further inspiration (particularly with regard to capsule wardrobes) I would also recommend Jamie from Mademoiselle, Elise Sheree, My Green Closet and, of course, Caroline from Unfancy!

Stay tuned for more posts about capsule wardrobes and minimalism – coming soon!

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Goal Setting With Powersheets

I first heard about Lara Casey’s Powersheets from Kelsey Van Kirk on the Purposeful Home Podcast. Kelsey and her co-host Allie Casazza were discussing their intentional goal setting practices and the idea of having a word for the year.

The word of the year thing wasn’t new to me as it’s a fairly common practice in Bullet Journal circles. Back then, I’d chosen the word ‘Commit’ for the year and I’d written down a few goals:

  • Get to goal weight
  • Get a new job or a new role at my current job
  • Develop personal style

Realistically, the only one I’ve made progress on was the style goal. So when I heard Kelsey raving about the process of Lara Casey’s Powersheets, I decided to check them out. It doesn’t hurt that I’m a sucker for any sort of planner! Lara’s site, Cultivate What Matters is beautiful and Lara’s energy is contagious! I bit the bullet and ordered a six month set of Powersheets.

I received my Powersheets on Thursday, merely hours after getting the news that I had missed out on a promotion I’d gone for. This felt like something of a sign that it was time to sit down and redefine what it is that I want next. The first part of the planner involves extensive prep work, diving in to personal characteristics and reflecting on your current situation. It allows room for brainstorming, goal drafting and creating action plans. It’s a lot to do, but you don’t need to do it all at once.

I spent my Sunday morning exploring the Powersheets. I want to take my time with my goal setting and actually enjoy the process – it doesn’t hurt that the Powersheets are so gorgeous and that Lara encourages you to be creative and ‘get messy’ when crafting your goals!

I decided to start with my health goals. Health is my biggest challenge and I am prone to becoming overwhelmed by information and conflicting points of view. I tend to focus on periods of extreme restriction followed by epic binges – usually in response to some emotional upheaval. And once I start on sugar or refined carbs, it’s all over. This is the biggest thing I want to address. I used my Bullet Journal to brainstorm, then went through the Powersheets process and found that the I was able to clarify my goal in a way that felt right – not overly complicated, restrictive or intimidating.

I’m going to recalibrate my relationship with food.

Stay away from the foods that make me feel out of control and inspire binges, eat more of the foods that nourish my mind, body and soul. Not worry about carbs, calories, macros, fasting, avoiding dairy or banning sweet potatoes.

Just eat real food. Kindly and gently.

Here’s to my first new goal and those yet to come.


P.S. A full review of the Powersheets to follow…once I’ve had time to dig in a little further and assess how well they work for me. So far, they seem promising!



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