Anybody who has ever owned a Thermomix has heard of Jo Whitton – aka ‘Quirky Jo.’ Jo is a wholefoods guru who specialises in Thermomix cooking and has been very influential in promoting the healing power of the GAPS diet. She also hosts the beautiful podcast ‘A Quirky Journey’ where she interviews some amazing people in the wellness world.

Recently Jo and chef Fouad Kassab released Life-Changing Food which might possibly be one of the most beautiful cookbooks I’ve ever seen. It has recipes that suits Paleo, Gluten-Free, GAPs diets or for anyone who wants to just eat real food! I pre-ordered a copy for my mum for Christmas but ended up purchasing a copy for myself once Jo released a video flip-through – I couldn’t help it, it was irresistible!

I own about thirty whole foods cookbooks so when I say that this one has taken up permanent residence on my kitchen bench, that is no mean feat.

So what have I made so far?

First was Jo’s ‘Best -Ever Butter Chicken.’ Full disclosure, I’ve made this one before – it’s available on the Quirky Cooking website here and it is DA BOMB! But what really won me over to the cookbook was the recipe for ‘Basic Grain-Free Dough.’ Fouad notes in the text that this should be called ‘Life-Changing Dough,’ and he’s not wrong!

The dough is made from cooked potato (I use sweet potato) with almond meal, potato starch, tapioca, olive oil, eggs, salt and honey. It sounds like a weird mix, but it works amazingly.

This pizza has become my go to dinner – which, to be honest I need to reign in! Yes, it’s Paleo, it’s wholefood and it’s seriously damn tasty. But it is very starchy and I probably don’t need to be eating it quite as often as I am (*cough* every day…) Since getting healthy, pizza has been the food that I’ve missed most – to the point of submitting to the occasional gluten bomb just to have a pizza with decent taste and texture. This delivers on all fronts.

Next on my to-make list are PIES! We have company coming to stay and I’m going to take the opportunity to test out Jo’s recipe for Chicken Pot Pie and follow this up with Apple Pie. Because everything is better with pie!

In summary, if you have the slightest interest in healthy eating GET THIS BOOK! It’s not dogmatic or restrictive, it’s entirely family friendly and the recipes are  actually very simple. And you don’t need a Thermomix! Although, when you’re heading here to buy this gorgeous book,* I’d check out the Thermomix too.

Just saying…


* Life-Changing food is sold out but you can back order it for delivery later this month. This is not a sponsored post I just love this book!